When a loss occurs, RVW mobilizes its team of experts to quickly and cost-effectively resolve a claim. Our professionals employ meticulous standards in handling claims, including thorough investigations, effective negotiations and clear, concise documentation.

Our goal – lower costs through fair claims handling.

Marine Casualty

• Blue Water Hull
• Brown Water Hull
• Cargo, including Liquid, Dry and Specialty
• Seepage and Pollution (OPA 90)
• Hull and Machinery
• Salvage
• Expert Witness


• Crane and Rigging
• Land Rigs
• Offshore Platforms & Drilling Rigs
• Offshore/Onshore Pipelines
• Oil Field Equipment
• Refinery
• Trucking
• Construction Equipment
• Expert Witness


• Comprehensive General Liability
Seepage and Pollution
• Third Party Property Damage
• Catastrophe Management
• Expert Witness




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